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Classic Broadcasting has been granted landing rights for Afghan TV by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.


Afghan TV is the first private and independent TV from Afghanistan. Nearly two years ago AFGHAN TV  was established to have broadcasting according to the Islamic principles, Afghan tradition and culture, Afghan constitution, code of ethics and its own broadcasting policy that till now achieved to the following special proud:


1-   AFGHAN TV is the first private TV which is running according to its commercial advertisement incomes and the amount of its investment is lower than the other TV's which was started after this TV and they had a very rapid development.


2-   ATV is the first 18 hours and after 6 months the first 24 hours TV in Afghan community.


3-   Afghan TV is the first TV which broadcasts fife time Azan (asking for pray)and besides have for one hour reciting the Holy Qorhan everyday during Friday ATV  broadcast tow hours reciting the Holy Qorhan in religious and national days we ATV has special programs about the national and religious days.


4-   Afghan TV is the first TV that has live music, news, analysis, and other programs with ministers, political parties' leaders, Parliament members and related issues' experts from its own central studio in the country.


5-   ATV is the first private TV that it has live programs from the outside of studio in deferent areas.

6-   ATV is the first TV which has news and other programs in English language and title headlines in three Dari, Pashtu and English languages.


7-    ATV is the only TV that according to the financial problem that always caused not to have rapid development and these problems changes its promotion for its broadcast oftenly.


8-   In addition to these bitterness and problems ATV is happy that it broadcasts for the  Kabul, Heart, Parwan, Kapisa and for some people in Logar and Wardak provinces that as well during 24 hour six million people in the following areas can watch ATV normally also ATV's 24 hours services from the beginning of March 2004  has been broadcasted for districts of Kapisa and Kabul in 210/25 frequency on VHF band besides for all regions in Herat province and some districts ATV's broadcast was started on 189/25 frequency on 7 VHF band from 2/12/2006 from this time ATV changed to the most popular,intresting and with high quality and the most beloved TV for the people. And as soon ATV will start its services to Mazar_e Sharif province as well. Beside that in case of finding financial support ATV will develop to the satellite system to broadcast for the region and other Afghanistan cities people as well.


9-   Fortunately ATV among the other TV channel in the country according to the   viewer sight is the second and with most having viewers TV in its broadcast region as a result of having high quality interesting and necessary programs. But regretfully due to the lack of financial possibility, and without any sponsorship and donors support  for ATV, caused to decrease its rapid development but we hope that by the time our rapid development will be obtain and the target of ATV to be connected to the satellite will be completed soon.


10-  ATV always tries by providing the most interesting programs according to the client    and market necessity attract the most viewers and reach its massage to all its viewers.


11- Recently ATV is working to provide the possibility to start its broadcast in Mazar-e-Sharif this project will be completed in very near future as we did in Heart province.


12- ATV is willingly ready to broadcast traders and organizations advertisement according to the its Marketing principles regularly in mutual benefits to aware the Afghan people from their services they do for comfort and Afghan economy improvement.


13- ATV expects that receive more commercial advertisements with special discount for behave of its expansion that as result of broadcasting advertisements including advertisement reference the most benefit will be for Afghan people because they will be aware of the live promotions with update information's.

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