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Media in Pakistan-Bird’s Eye Views

One of the results of efficient and effective telecommunication is globalization. With globalization comes increased complexity and growth in every industry and every country is a part of, exchange of new ideas and technology. Pakistan’s television medium was traditionally a single channel environment. Things were a lot easier then as compared to now. If you wanted to reach the mass audience, all you had to do was place an ad during the channels primetime. But this was ten years ago. With the influx of satellite channels and the wide spread acceptance of cable television Pakistan has suddenly sprung in to a multi- channel environment. The audiences now have a choice and so do the marketers.

Unfortunately no marketer has unlimited budgets to finance their campaigns. Increased pressure to improve growth and profits in a developing economy also does not help. Cutting down on advertising expenses may mean eroding brand equity and therefore lowering profits. Increasing advertising expenses means cutting in to a share of the profit.

Media Company’s work is to increase effectiveness and efficiency of advertising budgets. This means that those marketers may even be able to reduce their budget without compromising on advertising objectives. Effectiveness is improved through careful planning in order to minimize wastage of money spent on channels, which may be too costly.

Since media agencies generally work with more than one client, they are in a better position to negotiate than a single client. The reason for this is that media agencies negotiate with the media suppliers on the basis of the budget of all its clients and this translates in to higher discounts for the clients.

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